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The Design Process

Our aim is to communicate science in new ways; ways which can shed light on new issues within science and technology, challenge old beliefs and provoke dialogue.

In order to do so, the aesthetics of our visual presentation was very important. The hazardcards project is therefore not only a science communication project. It is just as much an artistic design project and a research project.

The images on the cards do not contain any offensive material; they show no blood or corpses. They solely depict the technical and contextual consequences of the tragic accident in question.

In this respect the visual representation of hazards in this set of cards echoes the underlying principles of the research project: no war, no terror and no natural disasters. We are only interested in unintended technological accidents and their consequences for science and for society.

The cards are designed by INCUBEus. They show collages of images from specific technological accidents. For information on copyrights, please visit the Copyrights section.

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