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a1: Hindenburg
a2: Comet 1:Scanpix; Courtesy Canadian Forces
a3: Challenger
a4: El Al cargo flight 1862: Reuters

b1: Iroquous Theatre
b2: Hancock Tower: Mary Ann Sullivan
b3: Heysel Stadium
b4: Sampoong: Associated Press

c1: Pinto: Jim McAdory
c2: Nairobi-Mombasa: American Red Cross
c3: Eschede: European Press Photo
c4: Mont Blanc Tunnel:Associated Press

d1: Titanic
d2: Dońa Paz
d3: Estonia: The German 'Group of Experts'
d4: Le Joola: Associated Press

e1: St. Francis Dam
e2: Tacoma Bridge
e3: Malpasset: International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD)
e4: Entre-os-Rios: European Press Photo

f1: Torrey Canyon
f2: Amoco Cadiz: Office of Response and Restoration, National Ocean Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
f3: Exxon Valdez:Office of Response and Restoration, National Ocean Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, see http://response.restoration.noaa.gov/photos/gallery.html
f4: Prestige

g1: Texas City
g2: Minamata
g3: Seveso: Health & Safety Executive, http://lorien.ncl.ac.uk/ming/safety/comah.htm
g4: Bhopal

h1: Thalidomide: David Casey, www.jugglingwithatwist.co.uk; The Teratology Society
h2: L-Tryptophane
h3: Boneloc
h4: Silicone Implants

i1: Chelyabinsk:Thomas Nielsen
i2: Three Mile Island: Nuclear Regulatory Commission
i3: Chernobyl:Tass, A. Klimenko; Associated Press
i4: Tokaimura: Associated Press; Institute for Science and International Security, Rockville, MD

Joker: OPV-HIV

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