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This website was created with the purpose of disseminating knowledge and inspiring debate about technological hazards. Various groups can use the site in various ways:

Can learn about technological hazards and society while being entertained. The students can choose to play the game (Play), or they can click on a card and obtain further information on the technical and organisational aspects of the accident (Cards). They can continue their research on the Internet by means of the rich collection of links to international reports, environmental groups and government investigations (Cards). Furthermore, they can design their own cards (Create).

Can teach their students about technology and science by means of the game and the information on the site (Cards). Hazard Cards offer an opportunity of cross-disciplinary teaching in natural sciences, social studies and English. Background research information offers the teacher a deeper insight into the applied theoretical perspectives, which can be used in teaching (Research).

People who just like games can play the game (Play), buy a deck of cards at the site (Buy) or even make their own (Create)! Anyone can make their own deck of hazard cards by inserting text and uploading a picture in our Quickdesigner (Create). Now you can print your own homemade cards and attach them to the six blank cards in the deck.

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