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Create your own Hazard Cards!

Designer's guide
Write the title of the accident and fill out the categories (Hazard, Casualties, Range, Fear Factor & Media Effect) with reasonable values. Write a short text about the accident and upload a picture. Push the Create Card-button and voila! You have now made your very own Hazard Card, which you can print out and (for instance) put on one of the six the blank cards in your own deck of Hazard Cards.

Participate in creating a new series
We wish to make a new series of Hazard Cards on the theme of Accidents Waiting To Happen. We are interested in your opinion about coming technological accidents and disasters. What do you think is going to happen? What is most probable to fail? What is the most dangerous technology created by human mind? You can login and view the gallery of cards, which other users have made. And you can participate in creating a new series of Hazard Cards - Accidents Waiting To Happen.

When you buy a deck of Hazard Cards, you will receive a login-name and password, which allows you to upload two pictures instead of one, change the categories, view the gallery and participate in making our Accidents Waiting To Happen series. If you have bought a deck of cards but not yet received a login-name and password, please write to hazardcards [at] lld.dk.




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